Monday, 4 May 2020

I'm back and doing some covid inspired painting. My first orks in 25 years.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Here we have some dastardly Hun allies for my Gothic led raiding party.

Here are the armies I have lined up for next Tuesdays game.


no Name
1 Commander avg (2)
1 Poor cmd structure (10)
4 CP Nobles
4 FP Warriors (large)
4 S Javlinmen
2 CL Huns
3 re-rolls

Late Romans (eastern) 285-378

1 Commander avg (2)
1 Avg cmd structure (30)
2 CP Cataphractii
1 CL Maurii
4 FP Comitantenses
4 +Sagitarrii supports
4 FL psuedocomitantenses
1 re-rolls

Somebody asked for a guide on how I based my figures. The image below shows the layout - click on it to get a readable view.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Goth Progress

Early Visigoths to be precise - I made a last second change to my army list by replacing some cavarly with hunic allies. 12 figures left and project will be 'completed'

Note the severed head on the banner - one of about 6 unfortunate romans the goths have brought with them.

"Dont kiss me Ginger"

A not the best picture of my favourite goth

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Saturday, 14 May 2011

finished 28mm late roman army including camp

Here we have one complete, 300 point, impetus army. I can already get this well over 400 if I included the goths, which I have painted so far, as allies.

Note the only thing here I haven't blogged yet is the camp diorama. Given the scale, I made up my mind not to do an actually "camp" as such. I opted instead to represent a sort of fortified position. This is built around the gripping beast artillery piece that I had little use for in the end. I didn't actually unbase it though. Just built the camp around it using thin modelling foam and filler.

A few modelling points about the camp.

  • The banners turned out well but didn't photograph that good. I used a linen based product that you can put through any inkjet printer. I then frayed the edges with a pin and added a quick wash to make them look older.
  • The base was made using thin sheet foam which was cut into a multilevel hill. I then coated in cheap filler and attached the figures with "hard as nails" adhesive.
  • Grit/small stones were then added with PVA and painted/drybrushed with raw umber.
  • The stakes are toothpicks and the figures are a mixture of Warlord games, Musketeer miniatures, gripping beast and crusader.

Those who follow my blog and have a good eye may have noticed something different about my cavalry - more on that next time.

The Camp ...

the mastif has spotted a mule bringing supplies - the figure itself looked curious

The Whole Army

Click on below picture for close up of the heavy infantry

Gothic style Bucellarii cavalry - to be used as cataphactii in this list

Foundry make good lights/archers due to their smaller stature

Bows Strung with brush bristles

My archers are based in a single rank - this allows be to field them as independant units or supporting sagitarii, to the rear of the heavy foot.

Click below for a nice view of the cavalry to the right.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

a swede

I am currently awaiting a final order of goths so as to complete two, full 300 point armies. Along with my first order I also bought this single figure from Bills "Great Northern War" range.

Rather like him. Could probably be tempted...

Friday, 22 April 2011

oil painted horses

Quick and easy horses.

1 - Base coat in chosen colour. I have used various redish or light browns .. not too dark. You can also paint the tail and mane if you wish at this stage.
2 - Paint horse with a thin coat of oil paint - Use darker colours here. I used burnt umber over all of them except the "orange" one. For this I used siena brulee which is a dark, redish brown.
4 - leave 10 mins then gently wipe of the oil paint. Unlike other washes you will see the results immediately so take your time until you get the hang of it, judging the results as you go. I start with a gentle overall all wipe then target the raised bits with my finger wrapped in an old t-shirt.
3 - leave three days then paint the straps, markings etc as normal. I also added an optional touch up used the original base coat.