Wednesday, 18 June 2008

New Game Project

Ok so Ive been planning a new game lately which will involve mapping out terrain. Im not going to go into too much detail just now because Im in a rush. I just wanted to post the pics to show someone...

Saturday, 14 June 2008

The Egypt Expedition

This French army is based on Desaix division which fought in Upper Egypt while General Bonaparte was playing 'Alexander' in the holy land.

It is a facinating campaign which includes the future Marshall Davout as a mere brigadier of the horse. They also kept their old uniforms which is helpful as I wanted to use AB figures.

Note Ive based in 3's. While this gives flexibility Im not sure I'd recommend it. Little bit fiddly and sabots arnt that great in practice.

My original plan was for 18 man regiments. I thought this would be the most realistic in terms of width, depth. Also makes quite a neat little square.

Below are some examples in 12, 18, 24 man battalions.

Heres a grenadier battalion in 36 for a close up.

My cavalry are based in 6's DBA style. I quite like having them in 1 rank. Unfortunately for me there were no armourerd horse in Egypt so I had to make do with dragoons.

My artillery is bases in inches as per GA. The reasoning for this is simply because I think it looks good.

Below are some shots I quite liked showing a full division advancing. The skirmishers are all based in singles.

Ok now for the bad guys.. or should that be good guys? You decide.. its the ottomans!

And here are the big old guns they used. I read some of the gunners where actually rather good having been French trained. They also had a limited supply of European cannon that they called "rapid firing guns"

Here are a few skirmishers. Some of them are Albanians who were certainly the best infantry in the whole empire. They later mutinied and took Egypt for themselves.

Now for the battle. A massive French square repelling the Mameluk horde. Hope youv'e enjoyed because its taken me a wee while to do this :)

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

10mm big battalions?

I'm actually painting these up for bigger scale games. However, when I put these together in 6 company's thought it looked pretty cool. Also took far less time than painting my 18fig 15mm battalions.

CHQ figs
spray light grey
single coat of all the main colours
little extra white
base, dullcote