Thursday, 23 December 2010

Finished french side

I now have two respectable skirmish forces of around 50 per side. The french have 24 marines and 24 Indians. The British about the same regulars and militia. I also have plenty of civilians, scenery etc to put on a good sharpes practice game. I would like to expand on this army at a later date to include more regulars. However, this subject to Eric actually releasing them!

Until then I will proceed with a new Impetus army. My BTD late roman "part order" has arrived. I may yet manage to get a Late roman base made up. These are the front runners for the next project but those middle imperials keep tempting me back ..


Friday, 17 December 2010

some greasy French marines

I know I bang on about figures that have character but these really are exceptional in that respect.

I have just received my order from conquest miniatures from the USA. All four packs of their famous Compangies Franches de la Marine. These are the first four figures I have painted. I am playing around with blues. The guy in the red cap has Ultramarines blue as a base colour unlike the others.

Still no late Romans from BTD so will have to hold off on the Romans for a while. Cant decide which I prefer yet but the copplestone Marian Romans surprised in that they are the front runners.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Third Century Romans

SO... another week and another impetus base full of lovely Romans. These are a curious bunch. I bought them from A&A miniatures and as far as I know they are the only ones who cover this period. n fact when I first saw the pictures I wasn't even convinced they were Romans!

Certainly these figures do have a certain charm. They remind me of the goons in the flash Gordon movie. Something almost sci-fi-camp about those helmets.

The figures themselves are a bit big and clumsy looking. Having said that they do have character and paint up ok. Some of the faces are a wee bit deformed though that may be moulding issues.

They would also be ideal for fighting the early pagan goths. I'm still musing over which barbarians I like best and early goths are the front runners.

Next up should be late romans. Only problem is the infamous BTD still haven't delivered. Going by some bloggers I could be waiting for up to three years. Seriously ..

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Early Imperial romans

So here we have the next chapter in my Roman painting project. These guys are foundry and are sporting some LBMS transfers on their shields. It took me a week to paint these fourteen figures which is pretty good going I think.

These are the Classic romans. Arguably the most popular wargame army there is. Although I like the sculpts very much I think I prefer the Marian romans below. Just the little bit more character in the figures and I like the helmets.

Next up are the far more unusual "Middle Imperial Romans".


Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A tale of two romans

So back to dipping again...

Now romans seem to be the ideal candidate for dipping. The reds, dark creams and armour should all work well. They are quick to paint anways and much of their aesthetic is derived from the shields for which I used transfers.

I painted two foundry romans. Both were done fairly briskly as I would when doing a large batch of grunts. However, one of these got base coat, GW dylan wash, one/two further highlights. The other got just got one coat plus dip.... Actually, for the flesh I couldn't resist adding a couple of highlights but this was done BEFORE the dip so not cheating.

See what you think. Hard to capture it on camera as always but I think they are pretty close to be honest. Anything over two feet and you cant tell with my eyes ...