Wednesday, 30 December 2009

spanish bandits on sample terrain


Not posted in a while due an internet problem. I havnt had it! Thanks Sky: youve just reminded me why I hate you.

Anyway, here are some test shots of my spanish. This is just a small force for a sharpes practice group game at the club. The terrain is a test piece Ive made for my new project. This will be 28mm seven years war.

Im looking to sort our the terrain before the figures for a change.
hope you like - Ill be posting more pics of terrain soon - comments welcome.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

16th century spanish contingent finished

Ok so still waiting for flags to arrive so "finished" may be jumping the gun a bit.

This was never intended to be a full army. Actually it was never really intended to be anything. There is a mix of foundry and GW figures I’ve hand for ages. I decided to do something with them so added some eureka horse and TAG pikes.
The end result I would call a contingent. The basing is for Spanish fury actions, hope you like!

Hessians on a teddy

New project time! Doesn't seem that long since I started my last project but this is something Ive wanted to do for some time. The french and indian war really insipres me in terms of visuals. I think its the contrast between the indians/militia and the smartly dressed europeans. Both the french and the British also have quite different styles which again helps in regards to variety.

Now Im not 100% sure on the figures yet but it is going to be a semi skirmish affair, probably using Sharpes Practice for rules. Im planning to make an ambitious set of terrain for this. Below you can see a sample of the teddy bear fur I am going to use. I think this will involve attaching "patches" of different painted furs to a heavy undersheet. The space in between the patches will be used as roads, rivers and walls. I have a fairly good picture of what I want im my head but Its hard to explain here.

As far as figures go Im torn between 40mm and 28mm. For 28 I have the wonderful conquest collection to choose from as well as some of the perry AWI range. 40mm still tempts me however. I can really let loose with my painting with these and the overall effect should be very striking.

PS One thing I learned from taking this pictures is that you want a fairly heavy figure base for fur. 1p coin + metal figures is ok but a 2p coin might be better. I plan on using a combination of close order regulars, skirmishers and irregulars. There will be lots of trees, boulders etc to use as cover.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Eureka conquistador cavalry

Here are 12 spanish cavalry that I have painted. Im building a small marine type force at the moment and will post more pics when finished.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Army for 'Blucher'

Ive had some 10mm GHQ figures painted up for some time now but couldnt decide what to do with them.

Ive decided to throw my lot in with Sam Mustafa's 'Honor' system.

Im confident these will be good if not great. Anyways, the basing for this system is 'flexible' but in a more honest way than some games. By that I mean some games claim basing "wont matter" for their rules but this a bit lazy IMO. Sam's rules do have a basing system but they show you HOW to make it flexible. Infantry, artillery and cavalry are all given the same base width. Depth doesnt matter too much but should really be less than the width to look good. You then use these base widths as the games primary measurement. I think this is a good approach although best to make your own measuring sticks.

Now here is my question for today. Im basing my 10mm army DBA style. 40x20 inf 40x30 cav, artillery and limbers. As you can see Ive just added sand but no flock or paint yet. The thing is that I think the sand alone looks quite nice next to the wooden finish. Should I add paint, drybrush first or just flock it as is? Perhaps someone has other suggestions?

Friday, 28 August 2009

Monday, 24 August 2009

paper terrain

Here is a wee village I whipped up from some paper buildings. Ive had these for a while but couldnt be bothered opening them. To be honest the first few almost put me off. After the third though it became very easy and much quicker than painting (and cheaper). Make sure you score the folds with a sharp knife. Makes it childs play to assemble. All the work goes into the cutting.