Sunday, 5 July 2009

Mecklembourg-Strelitz Hussar Regiment

Ok so these were some of the hardest cavalry Ive ever had to paint. The details are not the problem though. The problem is the colours which are black and yellow geeez... Lucky for me though I have a friend by the name of badbar black or whatever its called (GW black wash for those people who dont know the lingo).

Just apply over a grey to give a convincing black without the need for dry brushing tricky areas. I then applied pure black over the straps - after the dull cote I actually added more gloss varnish over the staps to make them shiny. This doesnt show up so well in the pics but looks quite nice.

Fairly happy with these though the AB prussians aint perfect for this regiment which, actually, wasnt really prussian at all....

Im now pretty much done two full brigades from Yorks corps. Im planning to do a big post with all the units soon.