Sunday, 29 May 2011

Saturday, 14 May 2011

finished 28mm late roman army including camp

Here we have one complete, 300 point, impetus army. I can already get this well over 400 if I included the goths, which I have painted so far, as allies.

Note the only thing here I haven't blogged yet is the camp diorama. Given the scale, I made up my mind not to do an actually "camp" as such. I opted instead to represent a sort of fortified position. This is built around the gripping beast artillery piece that I had little use for in the end. I didn't actually unbase it though. Just built the camp around it using thin modelling foam and filler.

A few modelling points about the camp.

  • The banners turned out well but didn't photograph that good. I used a linen based product that you can put through any inkjet printer. I then frayed the edges with a pin and added a quick wash to make them look older.
  • The base was made using thin sheet foam which was cut into a multilevel hill. I then coated in cheap filler and attached the figures with "hard as nails" adhesive.
  • Grit/small stones were then added with PVA and painted/drybrushed with raw umber.
  • The stakes are toothpicks and the figures are a mixture of Warlord games, Musketeer miniatures, gripping beast and crusader.

Those who follow my blog and have a good eye may have noticed something different about my cavalry - more on that next time.

The Camp ...

the mastif has spotted a mule bringing supplies - the figure itself looked curious

The Whole Army

Click on below picture for close up of the heavy infantry

Gothic style Bucellarii cavalry - to be used as cataphactii in this list

Foundry make good lights/archers due to their smaller stature

Bows Strung with brush bristles

My archers are based in a single rank - this allows be to field them as independant units or supporting sagitarii, to the rear of the heavy foot.

Click below for a nice view of the cavalry to the right.