Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Crusader Impetus game

Played a game of Impetus against Mike today. Good fun though the lighting in the club aint the best. Also, didnt manage to snap many good pics of the franks which is annoying! Anyways, hope you like!

PS found a bunch of flags I didnt know I had. Even more over the top (in number) now ... just how I like it!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Two posts in two days!

Thought you were going to focus jon!! FIW eh? That's what you said didn't you ...

Well, I was at claymore and its written in the rulebook of life that you can be naughty and go off track when at shows. I bought some musketeer Saxons which I have been eyeing up, on various miniature porn sites, for some time.

Wonderful figures and great fun to paint... Its strange I used to find the late Roman/Early Dark age period amongst the most dull. Ever since discovering the Musketeer/gripping beast ranges though I have been converted. Mostly due to:

- Cloaks
- Big beards
- shield walls with LBMS transfers

Ive also added a couple of pics at the end there. One is highlighting the last of my Copplestone "Glory of the Sun" figures. I just had to use some warlock purple. I have two pots of the stuff and its hard to find a use for it. Dead easy to use by the way. Just block paint the Warlock Purple, wash with GW purple wash, then add a single highlight.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

10mm Lasalle army

Hello chaps,

Here is my finished Lasalle, 1813 French army. This list requires a LOT of guns and they are all 1:1 (which is a very satifying).

While I hate painting 10mm they are very quick. I rushed through them without fixing any mistakes. I am only interested in how they look two feet away ie the mass effect.

I used army painter and 1.5mm plywood for basing. BW is 40mm.

Enjoy :)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

78th Regiment

So here are the highlanders (frasers). Some may have noticed that I have posted pictures of some perry higland grenadiers before. I have actually had these for years now and only recently gave them a repaint. Something I rarely do.

Im quite happy with the paint jobs here and the basing (in terms of flock). Not totally happy with their positioning on the bases though. It was hard to fit them on given the pose and space avaliable. Putting them directly, one in front of the other, gave the look of having pairs, back to front, with a large gap in betwen files. I didnt like it. I tried to therefore create an irregular look but am not totally satisfied with that either. See what you think.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

The French and Indian War part 1

Here we have, at last, the first figures for my FIW project. I had completed some rangers before and you can see them mixed in with the American militia below.

The pictures hopefully show the effect I am trying to give. While these miniatures are singly based, I will be using multi basing for the regulars.