Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Army for 'Blucher'

Ive had some 10mm GHQ figures painted up for some time now but couldnt decide what to do with them.

Ive decided to throw my lot in with Sam Mustafa's 'Honor' system. http://www.sammustafa.com/honour/

Im confident these will be good if not great. Anyways, the basing for this system is 'flexible' but in a more honest way than some games. By that I mean some games claim basing "wont matter" for their rules but this a bit lazy IMO. Sam's rules do have a basing system but they show you HOW to make it flexible. Infantry, artillery and cavalry are all given the same base width. Depth doesnt matter too much but should really be less than the width to look good. You then use these base widths as the games primary measurement. I think this is a good approach although best to make your own measuring sticks.

Now here is my question for today. Im basing my 10mm army DBA style. 40x20 inf 40x30 cav, artillery and limbers. As you can see Ive just added sand but no flock or paint yet. The thing is that I think the sand alone looks quite nice next to the wooden finish. Should I add paint, drybrush first or just flock it as is? Perhaps someone has other suggestions?