Friday, 19 February 2010

A bit more work on my scenics

I recieved some trees the other day from the always reliable,%20arbres,%20baume.html

Very nice though quite delicate. I was wondering whether to i could spray it with glue or varnish to harden them? I tried some 4m spray to try and attach flock but it wouldnt stick. Still considering whether to add flock actually though because they look quite good as is.

This is all the SYW stuff I have so far. Yes the dragoons are actually AWI and I wouldnt use them for this period. Will be ordering some more highlanders (early uniform) from their AWI range however. They fit in just fine and are lovely models.

Saturday, 13 February 2010


The other day I needed to kill some time before a hair cut. I wondered into Static Games in glasgow for a wee browse. I have nothing to paint at the moment so was hoping to get something to pass the time. To my surprise they had a few packs of conquest miniatures, tucked away in the corner.

Ive been admiring these on the web for some time but avoided any big orders until their regulars are released. Now these arnt the easiest of miniatures to paint. They dont have the over-defined details of producers such as front rank. What they do have though is an abundance of character and I like them very much. I think this purchase has pushed me a step closer to the french & indian wars.

Note I experimented with basing a bit here. I used two 1p coins for extra weight. This should help when placing them on fur terrain. Im not satisfied with the result as far as the flock goes though. I think I need a more 'busy' mix. Something that looks like woodland with perhaps some small twigs and undergrowth. Ill be looking into this further in the future.