Friday, 19 February 2010

A bit more work on my scenics

I recieved some trees the other day from the always reliable,%20arbres,%20baume.html

Very nice though quite delicate. I was wondering whether to i could spray it with glue or varnish to harden them? I tried some 4m spray to try and attach flock but it wouldnt stick. Still considering whether to add flock actually though because they look quite good as is.

This is all the SYW stuff I have so far. Yes the dragoons are actually AWI and I wouldnt use them for this period. Will be ordering some more highlanders (early uniform) from their AWI range however. They fit in just fine and are lovely models.


ajbartman said...

Love the trees... any tips on how you did these?

blucher said...


go here and pay £12 for 24 of them 50p each.,%20arbres,%20baume.html

I just based them on 2p coins with "hard as nails", then added thick paint and flock. You can flock the trees themselves but havnt got the hang of that.

DeanM said...

Wow - your terrain and figures are the best I've seen in a while. Looks so realistic compared to most (like my felt mat and Styrofoam hills). Excellent gaming! Dean

DeanM said...

Perusing your excellent fur terrain, I hope you can answer a few questions I have about it.

1) Did you glue the pieces to the backing first, then paint the fur?

2) In the pics, the figures look great, however, does the fur make the figures hard to stand up straight, more or less? I'm assuming on larger bases, it's no problem.

Thanks! Dean

blucher said...

Hey dean,

Ive learned a few lessons in my making of this terrain.

First of all it is a very forgiving material. As long as you dont add too much paint you can always trim a bit more off, add a bit more paint etc. Even at this stage for example Im going to trip one of the sections and add a bit more green. Dyna flow is good too. I just rub it in the same way as i do the normal paint.

- no one of the reasons I did it in sections is because its much easier to paint them like this. I described rubbing in the dye/paint much liks drying your hands! Just use the material itself like a towel trying to get the paint off and working it through the fibres.

Good question. I found that 1p pieces work better than 2p pieces due to the reduced surface area. A single 1p piece or 20mm washer does work but they arnt so easy to place. Two of these stuck together works very well. The extra depth isnt a problem (i normally hate thick bases) because they sink in to the fur.

Overall it isnt hard to do. It just takes time. It doesnt take too much space either as you only need to lie the whole think flat when your glueing the sections to the main felt.

DeanM said...

Thank your for the detailed answers. Appreciate your sharing your knowledge. Regards, Dean