Wednesday, 3 March 2010

need to focus ...

Im making the same mistake again! I often buy figures without having any use for them. I know Im intending to do 18th century small actions but havnt focused on a set of rules, or a specific theatre yet. In my defense I dont have all the bad wargaming habbits. I dont have a lead mountain for example ...

Ok Ive now promised myself no painting until a decission is made. Im probably doing the FIW but need to get into specifics.

Below are some pictures of the sort of things Ive been painting.

So to clear things up a bit im thinking about selling this lot. Was planning to build a large sharpes practice battlaion. 6 companys of 12, but not sure I can be bothered. Besides, Im already doing napoleonics in 10 and 18mm.


Andy McMaster said...

Lovely stuff. Wish I could be so productive!

Realised your follower widget wasn't showing as I was viewing from work which blocks it!

Look forward to seeing more


DeanM said...

Beautiful work! Very inspirational. Dean