Friday, 30 April 2010

Finished army (again)

It turns out I was mistaken when I said that my Saracen army was finished. For the FOG starter army required somewhat more cavalry. I really couldn't be arsed painting these so commissioned DPS to do it for me. For those interested I would recommend bidding between 60-70$ of their asking price on eBay. Multiple quantity's give better chance of success.

I do think they give a good and fast service. There were a couple of lances broken off in transit but you have to judge these things on all factors. I would personally recommend them for eBay orders such as these but not so sure about more detailed commissions with complicated specifics. Communication isn't the best I have heard.

Anyways, here are some shots of the whole army. These pictures arnt great. For better close ups you can look back to my other posts.


DeanM said...

Oh my~that is a beautifully painted and based army. So much variety of colors - I can even begin to imagine the time and effort you put into this magnificent army. Commendable! Dean

Dogui said...

They look amazing!

Docsmith said...

Holy Muslim Extremist Batman! They look amazing! Those standards are excellent too. So how many did the paint service do? All of them? Must have cost a pretty penny or two for that quality paint job.



blucher said...

Nah about 1/3 of the army.

blucher said...

24 bases of turcomans (16 of which DPS)
6 bases heavy turkish cavalry (DPS)
6 bases of arab/syrian heavy cavalry
6 bases foot archers (moorish)
6 baes spear (mixed moors and arabs)
CNC command bases
2 sub commanders

about 80 horse archers, 60 heavy cavalry,42 spear, 36 foot archers

Lickwars Men said...

THese look very nice!