Sunday, 18 July 2010

New basing ideas

I'm quite keen to experiment with basing ... I have far too many different bags of flock, sand etc lying around to the point where I just threw away a bunch the other day ...

Anyways, I am going to try a new approach for my FIW skirmish project. Though I've experimented with basing before its always followed this basic sequence.

Add flocking gel or sand/grit to base
Paint a dark colour
Dry brush lighter colours
Add patches of tacky glue
Attach various static grass, clumps or other stuff

Now, the only real changes Ive ever done is with the paint colours and the type of "stuff" I glue on.

My new idea is to add a mix of "stuff" as a ground cover and then seal with more glue (no annoying painting). The second stage will be to add more "stuff", including static grass, in patches. I'm hoping this will both, reduce the basing time, and give a more natural look.

This pictures show some figures placed within a ground cover mix. Ive been playing around with what looks good. The second stage will brighten this up a bit by adding bright green grass patches and perhaps tufts.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Can I be honest??? I think your painting is absolutely outstanding, but the gravel is distracting the eye from the figures, rather than providing a neutral background to enhance them.... purely personal and if you like it, feel free to tell me to bu**er off! :o))

DeanM said...

I love the figures - great periods, models and painting. As far as the basing, I like the rocky look, maybe the rocks - close up, anyway, are a bit shiny - maybe you can give them a dull-coat to tone it down. Otherwise, I do like the look - especially for the Turks/Greeks? Regards, Dean