Friday, 23 July 2010

I love my Staedtler

So I bought myself the thinnest pigment liner I could find in the art store. I find it really useful for outlining and doing eyes! The best thing though is that you can use it on a finished figure. In fact I would recommend this because you want to grasp the figure firmly during the process ie need it varnished ...

My painting process has now changed to.

1 - undercoat with gesso
2 - base coat - leaving black only on parts of the face
3 - wash with GW washes
4 - first highlight
5 - add chesnut wash to face
6 - second higlight
7 - third highlight on face and some other areas.
8 - apply humbrol gloss brush on
9 - after 24 hours apply cryla soluble matt
10 - use pen for outlines (especially to define belts, clothing divides etc)

Here are some figures that I have done using the pigment liner. See if you can notice where I used it ...

Oh and I have to draw your attention to these figures. I have been wanting to do the french and indian wars forever but never found the figures..... Now I thought I had decided apon perry and conquest 28.. but these images have thrown a big spanner in the works.

I emailed Tom Meir about these, guessing that it would only be a very limited release for painters. He replied to say that they were aimed at 'small skirmish games' and would contain about 20 figures. This would be enough for me so I will have to give it some thought ....

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

..that grenadier/fusilier is outstanding!