Thursday, 27 January 2011

Roman Comitatenses plus supporting Sagittarii


This is something like what my main battle line will look like. The heavy infantry can form large units with supporting archers. Also, notice the mini dice I have stuck to the base with tacky glue. This will be used to count VBU losses.

PS selling my 18mm french rebublican army.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Late Romans

hello again,

So here we have some late romans. Both Sagittarii (archers) and Lanciarii (javlin/skirmishers).

The bows are now all strung. 24 in total. Wasnt that bad at all. I used superglue to hold the the arrow and string in place. I then added a dab of epoxy glue onto the joints for strength. Using two pieces makes it much easier that trying to bend a single piece.

Anwayways, heres is the list I plan to use for me impetus army.

Avg cmd structure
1xAvg Commander
3x re-rolls
2x cataphractarii
6x comitantes
4 x supporting sagatarri
3x lanciarii

305 points plus ...

1x poor commander
2x visigoth heavy noble cavalry
2x large warrior units

94 points.

This will of course give me a 400 point army that I can expand into two matching armies. Eastern romans vs goths.

Interestingly musketeer miniatures are branching out into justinian romans which is what I think ill be basing mine on. Bill did some sculpting over new year and will be releasing in march. His goths and saxons will make excellent fedoratti.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

This arrow is too big

And the string needs to be tighter. Any tips or should I just give up now?

EDIT - Read a guide and used brush hair and copper wire for the arrow.

Saturday, 8 January 2011


Here are some Eureka figures I painted up for a friend. Never seen them painted before so maybe I'm the first to post them, finished, on the net? Anyways, hope you like.