Tuesday, 11 January 2011

This arrow is too big

And the string needs to be tighter. Any tips or should I just give up now?

EDIT - Read a guide and used brush hair and copper wire for the arrow.


Bill said...

Piano wire. Get a thin piece for the string, bend it where it fits in the hand and cit it off where it meets the bow. Use a slightly larger piece for the arrow, bit don't sharpen it. Just cut it off flush. If you want fletching, use paper, but I wouldn't bother.

Bill said...

Also, you need to bend the bow a bit. He should be holding the center of the string.

Phil B said...

Just keep the arrow (after making it shorter). You don't need the string.

blucher said...

Thanks for the comments though just added update before I read them.

Im quite happy with the brush bristles shown above. I also found some thinner copper wire for the arrow. Tried to make an arrow head with some rubish pliars and it didnt quite work.

WARNING - once youve strung your bows once you cant go back

i did the berber bowmen with fuse wire before)

Paul´s Bods said...

I started using hair for bow strings on 20mm but found out this;
was easier.
The second version looks great..I like the arrow.

blucher said...

Yeah Paul,

I found that website after the first pics, before the second :)

Superglue aint great for the task but got it done and they are now undercoated.

Will post them when finished.

ReversedAlchemist said...

Hi Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but... you have modelled the arrow on the wrong side of the guys bow! If you are right-handed (as this miniature is) when loading the bow the arrow rests on the left side of the bow stave on the top of the firers index finger!

blucher said...

lol thanks for that :)

This was how I held the hand made bows/arrows I did as a kid.

I always assumed I was doing it right !

pp said...

Try a guitar string, buy top E in superlight check it before you buy it, an electric guitar string. On the plus side it will stay straight no wobbles or bows

Looking good