Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Late Romans

hello again,

So here we have some late romans. Both Sagittarii (archers) and Lanciarii (javlin/skirmishers).

The bows are now all strung. 24 in total. Wasnt that bad at all. I used superglue to hold the the arrow and string in place. I then added a dab of epoxy glue onto the joints for strength. Using two pieces makes it much easier that trying to bend a single piece.

Anwayways, heres is the list I plan to use for me impetus army.

Avg cmd structure
1xAvg Commander
3x re-rolls
2x cataphractarii
6x comitantes
4 x supporting sagatarri
3x lanciarii

305 points plus ...

1x poor commander
2x visigoth heavy noble cavalry
2x large warrior units

94 points.

This will of course give me a 400 point army that I can expand into two matching armies. Eastern romans vs goths.

Interestingly musketeer miniatures are branching out into justinian romans which is what I think ill be basing mine on. Bill did some sculpting over new year and will be releasing in march. His goths and saxons will make excellent fedoratti.


Phil B said...

Excellent as ever.

The strings do work very well on the bows - I stand corrected.

Some really good looking units and very good paint job.

Overall ...9/10!

Anibal Invictus said...

Beautiful minis. I'm lately not very active in ancients because I haven't found a satisfactory rules set... but looking at your blog I have second thoughts always.

Scullmeister said...

Superb, the bow strings work really well and add to the look of the unit.