Saturday, 23 April 2011

a swede

I am currently awaiting a final order of goths so as to complete two, full 300 point armies. Along with my first order I also bought this single figure from Bills "Great Northern War" range.

Rather like him. Could probably be tempted...

Friday, 22 April 2011

oil painted horses

Quick and easy horses.

1 - Base coat in chosen colour. I have used various redish or light browns .. not too dark. You can also paint the tail and mane if you wish at this stage.
2 - Paint horse with a thin coat of oil paint - Use darker colours here. I used burnt umber over all of them except the "orange" one. For this I used siena brulee which is a dark, redish brown.
4 - leave 10 mins then gently wipe of the oil paint. Unlike other washes you will see the results immediately so take your time until you get the hang of it, judging the results as you go. I start with a gentle overall all wipe then target the raised bits with my finger wrapped in an old t-shirt.
3 - leave three days then paint the straps, markings etc as normal. I also added an optional touch up used the original base coat.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Romans I missed

Just a quick post to show some pictures of the troops I haven’t blogged yet.

Light foot Comitatenses – These guys seem to have been more flexible than their earlier counterparts. Impetus allows both light and heavy incarnations of the legionary. I plan to have a double line with the lights passing through the heavy’s when needed.

The Equites The native italian cavalry - These take the form of light or medium cavalry in impetus. They seem to have focused on the skirmish/scouting role in the historical context, leaving the crazy charging stuff to the cataphractii and “barbarian” allies.

Ballistarii – Pretty useless in the rules but I fancied painting one up. I will probably only use it occasionally.

TIP - make your final stage of painting a deep shading one. I use GW badab black wash. Just darken the dividing lines betwen areas such as the hands and shirt. This is similar to outlining but much easier with a good wash than with paint!