Thursday, 18 November 2010

beardy horde

Heres base of pagan saxons/germanic types. I'm still thinking about adding a few severed heads to the banner pole... Have been looking on eBay for zombie types I can decapitate...

Now here Ive gone back to my old school basing in terms of the dirt bits. I used the standard grit, paint, dry brush method. This was british khaki with two rounds of drybrushing (linen to lighten). I find it gives a much better look than brown. Trust me on that one!

One more small tip regarding the linen/cream colour of their clothes. When you want to use a light colour but not a boring old white use "linen" or a light cream. Wash with GW serpia and then add more linen. You can then add a final highlight mixed with white if you can be bothered. You will find it this method gives easy results.

The potential for an dark age pagan horde is quite appealing to me. Perhaps a wicker man as a "baggage train" for impetus?

PS I just edited this post to make a point about my basing mentality (or menalism for those who know me). Although it may look a bit random I actually took an unusual ammount of time positioning them. The impression I want to give is a unit close to the action. Although they are "barbarians" this is an elite unit (as you can tell from their atire). I want them fighting more close ordered than a "horde" but not too ordered.

To get this look I put the outer four figures perfectly aligned as the four corners of a rectangle. The rest of the inner two ranks are staggered to look more ragged. I think this gives the impression I was aiming for.


Ray said...

Nice job!!!

Ubique said...

Great looking unit.

blucher said...


the pictures are annoying me though. The harsh lighting brings out all the imprefections!

Need the sun to come out to get some natural lighting shots. Not likely in Scotland though until July :P

paulalba said...

These are really nice.

Brent said...

Excellent. I like the 14 figures a base -- very dense. I often use 10 and am fine with it, so these look "thick" to me.

blucher said...

The number of figures is a curious subject for me. Im often accused of being a bit odd in the numbers I cram on.

In this case though I must plead my innocence. The standard for most ancient rules is 1.5cm frontage. Nowadays people often go for 2. I am in between and thus a moderate :)

Scullmeister said...