Monday, 13 October 2008

I bought this army painter dip and wasnt too sure at first. I intended to use it on my 10mm stuff. Personally I like to do my best with larger scales… Dont see the point of spending a lot on AB18mm and perry 28mm only to be lazy with painting.

Anyway I brushed on at first and forgot to shake the pot. Was very shiny and not too well shaded.

However Im now rather chuft with results from new mehod.

10 GHQ napleonic 10mm
1 15x30 metal base
base coated white
painted light base colours but left white parts alone
wood glue over base and attached 10 figs
dipped whole thing after good shake of can

looks nicely shaded and I think dipping the whole base adds strength to the whole thing (wood glue aint the strongest)

quite happy …

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

French basing cont

Finished these off but still not flag. Im fairly happy with them but not sure 28mm is the best scale for the period.

New ottomans

Hello all. These are a combination of Sipahi and Delhi cavalry from Legio Heroica. Sadly Vexillia wont be selling these any more.

I dont think ottoman cavalry would look quite like this by the napoleonic age but frankly I couldnt resist the charm of these figures.

Besides, I think my ottoman army fast becomming a generic army for multimple periods. Hope you like.