Thursday, 5 August 2010

The French and Indian War part 1

Here we have, at last, the first figures for my FIW project. I had completed some rangers before and you can see them mixed in with the American militia below.

The pictures hopefully show the effect I am trying to give. While these miniatures are singly based, I will be using multi basing for the regulars.


DeanM said...

Beautiful figures - love the painting on the natives. Dean

Rafael Pardo said...

I agree with the look of the indians. They remember me 'The last of the mohicans" film

Aaron's Miniature Men said...

wow! looks fantastic! i love diaramas with great painted figures


paintpig said...


They really stand up to scrutiny, particularly the Indians. The flesh tone looks just right for outdoorsy types. The way you set up the figures for the camera was really a corker.


blucher said...

Thanks chaps,

Your comments do really help to motivate me!

I mentioned on the TMP forum that the flesh is my normal mix with just a bit of brown added (at all stages)

The terrain they are on is a sample piece that I made before the big one (faux fur).

As for the pictures I simply wait for the time of day when the sun shines onto my desk. I then place the figures and photo in natural light.



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I'm late but I'll echo Rafa's comments - those indians look very good!