Thursday, 26 August 2010

Two posts in two days!

Thought you were going to focus jon!! FIW eh? That's what you said didn't you ...

Well, I was at claymore and its written in the rulebook of life that you can be naughty and go off track when at shows. I bought some musketeer Saxons which I have been eyeing up, on various miniature porn sites, for some time.

Wonderful figures and great fun to paint... Its strange I used to find the late Roman/Early Dark age period amongst the most dull. Ever since discovering the Musketeer/gripping beast ranges though I have been converted. Mostly due to:

- Cloaks
- Big beards
- shield walls with LBMS transfers

Ive also added a couple of pics at the end there. One is highlighting the last of my Copplestone "Glory of the Sun" figures. I just had to use some warlock purple. I have two pots of the stuff and its hard to find a use for it. Dead easy to use by the way. Just block paint the Warlock Purple, wash with GW purple wash, then add a single highlight.