Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A tale of two romans

So back to dipping again...

Now romans seem to be the ideal candidate for dipping. The reds, dark creams and armour should all work well. They are quick to paint anways and much of their aesthetic is derived from the shields for which I used transfers.

I painted two foundry romans. Both were done fairly briskly as I would when doing a large batch of grunts. However, one of these got base coat, GW dylan wash, one/two further highlights. The other got just got one coat plus dip.... Actually, for the flesh I couldn't resist adding a couple of highlights but this was done BEFORE the dip so not cheating.

See what you think. Hard to capture it on camera as always but I think they are pretty close to be honest. Anything over two feet and you cant tell with my eyes ...


The Haggis said...

Do you have post where you describe the dipping technique that you use, including the brand involved?

I'm moving from 6mm to 28mm and am only block painting at the moment, and I have a test model ready to go. I only need to work up the nerve to try dipping, so any advice would help.

blucher said...


Not much to it really. Dont be worried about it as you can fix as I will explain.

1 - stir the can well

2 - apply dip to the figure with a brush. You can dip it though I havnt found this much quicker due to the next stage

3 -Remove the exess dip from the figures raised areas using a brush. Have a paper towl ready to wipe the brush. How much to remove depends on the figure and your tastes. Some people dont even bother with this stage! Others wait for half an hour to an hour and then lightly brush the raised areas with a brush dipped in white spirits.

BigRedBat said...

Both look pretty similar; I slightly prefer the one on the right. Might be worth applying matt to them and seeing how they look then.

Ceers, Simon

Scullmeister said...

I'm a dipping convert. They both look very similar and on the tabletop nobody will notice when there are hundreds of them.
I agree with Simon about the matt finish. All the Allied Legions on my blog were dipped.

DeanM said...

They both look great. I could tell the one on the left was dipped; but it really blends in well with the other one. Either method looks good - which you feel comfortable doing the rest in should be fine. And I agree, the shield transfers really make the unit. Dean

Furt said...

They look very close indeed. Really nicely done!
I am a recent convert to "dipping" as well and it has improved my painting tenfold. I put a generous blob of dip on an old brush and push it all over the miniature, wiping it from the raised bits as best I can. I can't recommend it more.


blucher said...

Actually, they are matt .. Its just the pictures in this case. If you saw them in person the finish does looks very flat.

Not sure about dipping in that the highlighting is the most fun part to me. Just base coating figures sounds kinda tedious on mass.

Anyways, more romans to come ..

The Haggis said...

Any brand recommendations for the type of "dip"?

blucher said...

Army Painter Strong Tone

This is the one Ive used and the only one I know of.