Friday, 26 November 2010

Red and Romans

Having re-watched the second series of "Rome", I couldn't help but grab a pack of these on my recent visit to static. They are made by "companion miniatures" and are modified perry sculpts. Very cute figures with loads of character.

I used these to practice my red and I am now happy that I have a system that works. Most of what you see in the pictures is just two colours. Actually, two tones applied well is far more effective than three done "wrong" I think.

What I do is first apply a dark red (GW scab red in my case).

When it comes to the shading stage I used GW dylan mud as a wash. You must ensure that not too much wash gets on the raised surfaces. You can either be more careful where you apply the wash or simply wipe off the excess afterwards (this is what it says on the bottle as it happens). The result should be scab red which is darkened even further in the recesses.

For the highlight I apply only one colour but is several layers. I use coat'd'arms "British scarlet" It is best to use several thin layers. This sounds tiresome but it is not. Apply one layer that is thin enough so that by the time you finish the whole model the first bit you did is dry. You can then go over it again with a second layer. You ll notice as you apply the layers it seems like you are using a lighter shade. The aim is to build up a bold, solid red that contrasts well with the base. The shading adds that bit more depth.

A third highlight may improve things a bit but light reds/pinks take time to do right. Not worth it for bulk troops.

Anyways, think that's the longest post Ive ever written. Hope it is of use to someone!

PS I forgot to mention the dustyness I added to the cloak and shields. I really like doing this though curious of what others think. Its just tan earth drybrushed on. A very useful colour for all sorts of things.




Paul´s Bods said...

Very, very good.The metal effect on the helmets, the shading...wonderfull. They look very determined. great work :-)

Scullmeister said...

They look great. I really like the high contrast look of your darks and lights. I much prefer the 'dirty' look of miniatures as opposed to the ultra-clean painting styles.
Can't wait to see more.