Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Army painter DIP


Bought some Franco Prussian figs on Ebay. They were going cheap so I stuck in a bid on impulse.

I decided to use these to test the dip method. I block painted a single coat then added the dip. Actually thats not quite true. For the face I wanted to see how the dip would look over two layers. I put on a GW flesh base and then highlighted with elf flesh creating a high contrast. The red also required a bit of touching up. I have yet to find a red that works in a single coat over black.




War Paint said...

does it create a shine though, like a gloss varnish?


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

They'd work for the American Civil War as well (not the one's with the scarf over their face though)... yours have an almost identical uniform to Duryee's Zouaves - a unit I'm painting even as we speak...

DeanM said...

Zouves are cool!

blucher said...

yeah it shines. You have to add another coat of matt to finish.