Thursday, 4 November 2010

Couple of new things painted

Here are the last of the saxons I bought at the Edinburgh Show. I actually ordered a few more to make up an impetus base. Looking foward to finishing that. Incidently Musketeer miniature orders now go through Gripping beast.

And here is a FIW whale boat (made by Redubt Enterprises). I have been spoiled for painting 1st class miniatures of late. Poor redoubt seemed very dated when compared to the likes of perry/conquest. Also, they dont answer their emails .. ever ...


paulalba said...

Really nice job,
Usually I don't get my stuff I buy at the shows done for at least a year :-(

Ray said...

Very nicely painted, especailly the red cloak!!

Scullmeister said...

Your Saxons look really great. I've got these as well and you're inspiring me to finish them.