Sunday, 29 November 2009

Hessians on a teddy

New project time! Doesn't seem that long since I started my last project but this is something Ive wanted to do for some time. The french and indian war really insipres me in terms of visuals. I think its the contrast between the indians/militia and the smartly dressed europeans. Both the french and the British also have quite different styles which again helps in regards to variety.

Now Im not 100% sure on the figures yet but it is going to be a semi skirmish affair, probably using Sharpes Practice for rules. Im planning to make an ambitious set of terrain for this. Below you can see a sample of the teddy bear fur I am going to use. I think this will involve attaching "patches" of different painted furs to a heavy undersheet. The space in between the patches will be used as roads, rivers and walls. I have a fairly good picture of what I want im my head but Its hard to explain here.

As far as figures go Im torn between 40mm and 28mm. For 28 I have the wonderful conquest collection to choose from as well as some of the perry AWI range. 40mm still tempts me however. I can really let loose with my painting with these and the overall effect should be very striking.

PS One thing I learned from taking this pictures is that you want a fairly heavy figure base for fur. 1p coin + metal figures is ok but a 2p coin might be better. I plan on using a combination of close order regulars, skirmishers and irregulars. There will be lots of trees, boulders etc to use as cover.

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Love the dude with the eye patch - very characterful!