Wednesday, 30 December 2009

spanish bandits on sample terrain


Not posted in a while due an internet problem. I havnt had it! Thanks Sky: youve just reminded me why I hate you.

Anyway, here are some test shots of my spanish. This is just a small force for a sharpes practice group game at the club. The terrain is a test piece Ive made for my new project. This will be 28mm seven years war.

Im looking to sort our the terrain before the figures for a change.
hope you like - Ill be posting more pics of terrain soon - comments welcome.


JAM said...

Boy that terrain looks extremely realistic,

Great job.


Trailape said...

What did you use to make the terrain?
Are the French PERRY's? Also, what make are your Spanish?

Rafael Pardo said...

A beutiful vignette.... thy look like real bandits, and the priest is wonderful!
Happy New Year!

DeanM said...

Oh my, all your work is so top-notch. I'm waiting for some Front Rank Spanish Guerrillas and I will be using your beautifully painted figures as a guide and inspiration. Oh, and I will carefully read your posts on your fur terrain. It is simply the best I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing your work. Dean