Tuesday, 5 January 2010

wolf fur has arrived


I now have enough materials to build my faux fur terrain matt for real. Below are some pictures Ive taken of the layout. Here you can see various pieces of material that will make up the fields and grass. I will glue these to an underlying piece of felt that can be painted for roads.

This is the layout. I didnt do any measuring. Just cut it by hand.

This is the uncoloured wolf fur. Its the best fur Ive found so far. I am currently experimenting with dye to get a patchy ground effect.

This is the field colour Ive attempted. Can say Im totally happy with it though it does look ok in this picture.

This is a green fur that I made some time ago. I used accrylic paints and spray paint.

1 comment:

Peter said...

Looks good! So where does one get wolf fur? Surely they don't keep the wolves next to the teddy bears?