Wednesday, 13 January 2010

wolf fur matt - cont

So Ive been working on this thing for a while now. Its not finished though I thought Id update with my progress.

Here shows some of the wolf fur after a coat of die. I used dia-na-flow brass and yellow. I diluted about 1-1 water and then just rubbed in my my fingers. You then need to iron the fabric to make the dye stick. Notice the dark green/blueish pieces here. I made these ages ago and will get back to them.

I decided this was too brown and started to add some green and yellow acrylic paint. This requires a bit more effort but uses a similar approach. Rub the paint into your hands and then work it into the fabric with your fingers. Just pretend your drying your hands well.

I then made a start to the roads. I first painted them brown and then added glue. I used a PVA glue called bartonline. Its listed as a PVA sealer so a bit different to the craft stuff. Its cheap and comes in a big tub. I then added a mixture of sand and grit to the glue and covered with newspaper, weighed down with books. It says 24 hours for this stuff to dry. Below are the pictures Ive taken today after removing the newspaper.
I'm fairly happy with the lighter greens though not so happy with the dark. They look ok in this picture but not above. Interestingly this comes down to the type of light. You see the dark greens look very blue in the above pictures because I used natural light. Below they use common lighting which has added yellow in it! This actually makes the matt look better IMO.

Anyways, comments welcome as usual. Im now going to start painting over the roads.
til text time...


Dale said...

Great looking stuff. Not sure about the wagon tracks -- looks too dark -- but maybe not finished yet?

BigRedBat said...

I like the look of that! Could I ask where you sourced the fur, please? Did it need a lot of trimming?

Cheers, Simon

David said...

This looks great. I've been playing around with fur myself but in larger lots. Never thought of cutting it and working section by section and then gluing to an underlay. Great idea!

Any chance you can post more detail on how you are doing this?

blucher said...

Yeah it aint finished yet - you can see more progress on the roads today. Still not happy with it yet though :P

This is where i got the fur.

BigRedBat said...

Thanks! Simon