Friday, 17 December 2010

some greasy French marines

I know I bang on about figures that have character but these really are exceptional in that respect.

I have just received my order from conquest miniatures from the USA. All four packs of their famous Compangies Franches de la Marine. These are the first four figures I have painted. I am playing around with blues. The guy in the red cap has Ultramarines blue as a base colour unlike the others.

Still no late Romans from BTD so will have to hold off on the Romans for a while. Cant decide which I prefer yet but the copplestone Marian Romans surprised in that they are the front runners.


DeanM said...

They look great. Conquest Minis, huh? Will have to remember them if I ever get into that era. Marvelous painting - great looking sashes too. Dean

Giles said...

Beautiful painting!

Best wishes


Bob Chicka said...

Nice work!