Monday, 5 January 2009

A base of arabs

Another test base. Enjoyed painting these guys. Used lots of GW washes. Was intersting to see the effect of the black wash over dark grey to make. It makes a nice black with subtle highlights. I then added one more highlight of slightly lighter grey.


Tim Mayer said...

Nice work!

Mark said...

I've been reading "Fighting for the Faith : The Many Fronts of Crusade and Jihad, 1000-1500 AD" - David Nicolle in Borders over lunch.
I recommend you pop in to read the first chapter on tactics and units.
its worth noting most of the Crusader and Byzantine fighting was against Turks, rather than against Arabs - Mark G

tim said...
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tim said...

WOOOOW! Apparently I forgot how to type!?

That SHOULD have said:

Very Nice!!

Is there a particular set of rules you are basing these for?