Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Gothic Horror


Here are the two Goth Noble cavalry units who will be serving my Roman army as Fedorati.

I really enjoyed painting these and am very happy with how the pictures turned out.

I have decided to base my large barbarian units in the same was as I have my romans. That is, I will have the rear unit as half thickness, as per skirmish bases in the rules. This will save on figures - given my habit of cramming them on.

I have also modified my army list to account for some second hand figures I got hold of. I would like a second line of roman infantry but will wait until musketeer miniatures release their new Justinian range before I buy more lead.

Poor CNC (1) 10
Avg cmd structure 12
2x re-rolls 10
2x Cataphractii 60 (using musketeer bucellarii on their new armoured horses)
2x equities 46 (GB arthurian + BTD late romans)
4x Comitantes 84 (BTD late roman armoured swordsmen and spear)
4x supporting Sagitarii 40 (foundry archers)
3x Lanciarii 42 (foundry infantry with javins)

1x poor commander (1) 10
2x visigoth nobles 42 (musketeer goths pictured)
2x large warbands 42 (musketeer and GB saxons want to expand with goths)

398 points


paulalba said...

These are really stunning Jon, Nice pics of great painted troops

BigRedBat said...

Very nice! Going to be a fine army.

Josiah Martin said...

Very well painted and beautiful minis

Scullmeister said...

Fantastic looking unit!

Mr. Bigglesworth said...

Your blog is such a treat - you work is gorgeous and you do such an excellent job of photographing it. Really inspiring for even non-gamers who are just into the wonder of mini historical figures.

Braxen said...

generally speaking your figures are always very nice. I am also quite amazed by your red. How do you get such a vibrant red color?

blucher said...

red eh ..

The easiest way is to stick to a two-tone.

Base coat with a strong but very dark red.

Now the key to the lighter shade is to add several thin coats while being careful not to cover the shaded areas.

You can add a final highlight but it isnt so important as other colours.. That is as long as you do well on step two. Make sure you dont add to much or it will look too pink. Use flesh to lighten the red rather than white as it gives a salmon pink rather than a barbie one..

Braxen said...

thanks a lot for that Jon

Bluewillow said...

lovely job, love the command figure, you have encouyraged me to start finishing my late roman army again!!!