Thursday, 18 December 2008

Carthaginian Comparison Pictures

Hello again,
I quite fancied painting up some ancients so decided to buy some sample packs of Carthaginians. I bought one pack from gripping beast, A&A, Crusader and Renegade. Renegade actually had a rather tempting sale on at 6£ per pack of 8, they were the cheapest.

Here is the Renegade figure. Although its proportions are not really that accurate I do like this figure. The head is far too large and its overall look stocky.. It also has a very large shield compared to the others of a similar size. I don't know if this is historically accurate or not so I wont comment. 7/10

This is the Crusader figure. I actually bought a spearmen here with quite different armour to the others. This is perhaps not the best idea for a comparison. Its body proportions are more accurate that the former but for some reason I don't prefer it. This could be down to its dull uniform which I did not enjoy painting. 7/10

Now we come to the A&A figure. I have to say I don't like this chap. It is a very flat sculpt and lacks definition for its features. For example, its hard to see where the arm ends and the hand begins. The details are not so easy to pick out as the other figures due to this and I had trouble highlighting. 5/10

Not we come to my favourite. This Gripping Beast sculpt is the smallest by far and is the only one that wouldn't mix in my opinion. Its hard to say why I like it the most but I do. Its face has come out looking sharp and is proportions look right. My biggest problem though is with its grip for the spear. It was hard to get the thing to stay on and I had to make several attempts. 8/10

Its a shame the gripping beast figure doesn't mix with the others.. I have 24 big chaps which would make a nice unit were I to build a whole army... Te problem would be finding other ranges to match because although the gripping beast range is a decent size, it doesn't cover everything..

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