Friday, 12 December 2008

My first Ancients


Ive been planning on building a small anicient force for some time but cant make up my mind on what to do. Its not a period I have much knowledge of and so I bought a few sample packs. Here are some gripping beast Carthaginians and some foundry Greeks.

WARNING - if you click on the image you will see all the ugly errors that arnt there to the human eye... My cameras "super marco" is too good sometimes...

These are the foundry greeks. The poses are quite unusual and might be hard to rank up. Lovely sculpts and fun to paint but MUCH larger than the gripping beast ones..

These are the Carthaginians from Gripping beast. I really liked these but have other packs on the way from Crusader, A&A and Renegade. Ive been told they dont mix well due to their small stature. Notice I painted three of them in gleaming white but one in a more diry sand colour similar to the one on the

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tim said...

Wow, those are some beautiful figures. Nice work!