Monday, 17 August 2009

8th brigade

This is the 8th brigade of Yorcks corps, commanded by von Hünerbein. Ive included a small description of each unit within the same post this time.

8th BRIGADE (MG von Hünerbein)infantry (Lt-Col von Borcke)
Brandenburg Infanterie Regiment (3 battalions)(Lt-Col von Borcke)[2,306]
12th Reserve Infantry Regiment (3 battalions)(Major von der Goltz)[2,327]
Freiwillige Jäger (detachment)[84]
14th Silesian Landwehr Regiment (4 battalions)(Colonel von Gaza)
Brandenburg Hussar Regiment (2 squadrons)(Major von Knobloch)[287]3rd
6-pdr Foot Battery No. 15 (Lieutenant Anders)[134]
(total 7,447 men, including 84 Freiwillige Jäger)

von Hünerbein

14th Silesian Landwehr Regiment (4-2=2 ) - 2 btns. were in Wartenburg, not present at Leipzig other sources say they were in the advanced guard – yellow collar/cuffs

Brandenbourg Hussar Regiment no3 Dark blue dolman and pelisse, poppy-red facings, white piping, buttons and cords, poppy red sash with white barrels (officers black and silver). If the figures have a shabraque and not the black sheep skin, then that will be dark blue with red "wolf's teeth" (wedges) piped white (though these were rarely used on campaign and weren't issued until later in the period, 1814 from memory).

no 12 / 2nd Brandenbourg Infantry Regiment & 12th reserves. These had red collar and cuffs and red straps reserve uniforms in Leipzig The 12th line is the closest you can get to a crack reserve regiment. As reserve battalions of the Lieb infantry regiment.. With the removal of the Guard from the line, these two battalions, together with a reserve battalion from the First West Prussian regiment, were the first of the reserve battalions to attain line status. They were then present at every major engagement in which the Prussian army was involved during the 1813-15 period.


Stokes Schwartz said...

I really, really like those grey-coated Prussian reservists! Always meant to add some to my 15mm Waterloo-era Prussians. Great work there!

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Stokes Schwartz

paulalba said...

Excellent blog, Great to see your work online. I am building an 1813-15 Prussian army in 15mm myself at the moment.

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