Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Flying Pink Pony Unicorn with Magical Ballerina Fairy

The title this post is in respect to the sculptor Tom Meier from Thunderbolt mountain I am now the proud owner of one his sets and he has, consequently, now become my new favourite toy maker. Oh and yes he did actually sculpt this!

These figures come as a set of eight french and Indian war personality's. I say personality's but the majority are just humble grunts. In fact there is only one clear leader amongst them!

Now I have to say that this were a real pleasure to see for the first time. You can see straight away that these guys are something special. In a strange way they do, at first, look like they have elongated limbs. This illusion comes from my familiarity with the "perry standard", who now look positively stumpy! To be fair to the others these are not 28mm. They are 1/46 but you have to put this into perspective. Their heads, hands, chest width, arm/leg thickness is about the same as your average 28mm. The greater mass comes more from the length of their limbs.

Here you can see "from left to right" A perry 40mm Napoleonic figure, one of the Indian's from our pack, a perry 28mm Indian. and a conquest ranger. I included later to illustrate how these would struggle to mix. I would consider using them as "big men" for a game of sharpes practice!

Really, I couldn't be happier with these guys. I have never enjoyed painting so much although I have to say they certainly did intimidate at first. I will be buying at least one of each of these that Tom releases. I can quote him as saying these are aimed at "small skirmish gaming" My hope is that this will be at least 20 variations. My fear, as you will see from reading his blog, is that this guy gets somewhat easily distracted.

I would ask that anyone else who would love to skirmish with these guys makes contact with him to show your interest through Thunderbolt mountain. I did.

PS My thoughts on the minimum required. The grunts would need at least four variations to look good in number. Of course the perry standard of 6 is best but lets not be greedy.

french regulars

British regulars


ONIRIA said...

Hello John

Great figures. That really looks like a "tasty" game.

Angel (AKA Oniria)

johnpreece said...

They are simply the very best figures one can buy and I have ordered my set.

However at £5 each I shall not be buying even skirmish size units.
Of course if they did come down in price I should then be peeved at having paid the higher price.

Hard for him to win really.