Sunday, 3 October 2010

A river

I have made a river to go with my fur terrain mat. I'm fairly happy with it apart from the colours which are a bit off.

The basic process was.

The base - flexible sheet (like some ring binders) - cut to shape - The transparency made this easier.
Tine Foil - glue crumpled tin foil over the base
The riverside - Add Glue and various pebbles, flock to the edges, in a few stages.
Paint the river - dark in the middle, blue either side, muddy Green/brown edges
Add two layers of "still water" product to finish (wasn't cheap)


Donogh said...

Whether you're on the blue-water or brown-water side of the river debate those close-ups look brilliant!

Josiah Martin said...

Brown/Blue- it's all personal taste. I really like how yours turned out, and your table looks great too!