Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Crusader Impetus game

Played a game of Impetus against Mike today. Good fun though the lighting in the club aint the best. Also, didnt manage to snap many good pics of the franks which is annoying! Anyways, hope you like!

PS found a bunch of flags I didnt know I had. Even more over the top (in number) now ... just how I like it!


Black Smoke said...

Hi Jon! The game looked good from where I was standing. I think I'd rather have joined in than play the Corvus game!!! How did you find Impetus compared to our game using Field of Glory?

blucher said...


which one are you? :)

I prefer to to FOG i think. Mainly due to the interesting initiative system and its simplicity.

This was a large game and we nearly got a result despite us not knowing the rules very well at all.

Black Smoke said...

LOL! I'm Ian. I was playing against you in the FoG game.I'm interested in comparisons between FoG and Impetus as I'm just finishing a couple of DBA armies and want to then expand into FoG or Impetus, but aren't sure which one yet.

blucher said...

ah yes,

Well as I said impetus is MUCH quicker.

Its selling points are this, the initiative system, you dont need many figures, you can make nice diohrama type "big bases". On the downside Im not totally convinced cavalry is uniquie enough vs infantry. I also find that using the same basic quality value for everything can seem a bit odd. So a VBU of 6 caters for shooting, no of hits and combat value. In FOG you can have a unit that takes a lot of hits but has only a small shooting ability, for example.

Some people would argue FOG is more also historcally accurate. It certainly has more details and perhaps caters bettter to more periods?

Feel free to join in next time we have a game.