Thursday, 31 March 2011

400 points - completed

Well my first target has been reached. Here we have a 400 point, Late Roman (eastern empire) impetus army. Oddly, they happen to fit perfectly into two of the type of storage boxes I use ("really useful boxes" A4 size). I couldn't even squeeze in one more skirmish base!

Mundane coincidences aside, my appetite for Romans is still healthy and I am looking forward to stage 2! I have painted a further four bases since my last post but will get the pictures after I finish my left overs.

I have Enough leftovers to make two additional light foot units. I'm rather chuft about this because it gives me the option of have two supporting lines of infantry. Four will be heavy comitantes (FP), backed up by four comitantes (FL) with javelins. The new amendments to impetus give a lot more flexibility here than before. FL can now now through, or be moved through, by FP. FL, falling back as they are interpenetrated. Also, they no longer cause damage to rear units after being destroyed. FP units still do though. A further option will be to form the supporting archers into two seperate units.


Don't use brown to colour your bases. Use a dark umber or "british khaki" and lighten/highlight with cream/sand - looks much better, especially with dry brushing.


Late eastern Romans
Fair CNC (2) 20
Avg cmd structure 12
1x re-rolls 5
2x CP Cataphractii 60 (using musketeer bucellarii on their new armoured horses) DONE
2x CL Maurii 46 (GB arthurian + BTD late romans) DONE
4x FP Comitantes 84 (BTD late roman armoured swordsmen and spear) DONE
2x FL Comitantes 38 (foundry infantry with javins) DONE
4x T supporting Sagitarii 40 (foundry archers) DONE

301 points

1x fair commander (2) 20 DONE
Poor command structure 0
6x CP visigoth nobles 126 (musketeer goths pictured) IN PROGRESS
4x FP large warbands 42 (musketeer and GB saxons want to expand with goths) IN PROGRESS
4x SK skirmishers with javlins 48
3x rerolls

301 points

next time! left over Romans, including a special unit ...


Yarik said...


Ray Rousell said...

Nice painting!!

BigRedBat said...

Very impressive! A couple of proper armies.

I use the really useful boxes, too, for all my storage.

peter said...

Great painted figures! Love the colours!

Wolfgang said...

I just found your blog and I love your Late Roman Army, excellent painting!
Best wishes