Sunday, 20 March 2011


Rather liking these chaps. They are listed on the musketeer website as being“Bucellarii/Commitatus Cavalry” The term Bucelarrii refers to private armies that had existed ever since they republic. Though technically illegal they seem to have become more common during the 5th century.

For my purposes they will be either Cataphractii or gothic nobles. Not sure which yet! The term “Cataphcractii” Is a bit uncertain and and would probably be more likely to involve the two handed “kontos” – two handed lance that sometimes serverd as a Pike when dismounted.

Either way, the below figures are in my opinion a perfectly suitable representation of either late roman, or gothic, heavy cavalry.

Revised lists:

Late eastern Romans
Fair CNC (2) 20
Avg cmd structure 12
1x re-rolls 5
2x CP Cataphractii 60 (using musketeer bucellarii on their new armoured horses)
2x CL Maurii 46 (GB arthurian + BTD late romans)
4x FP Comitantes 84 (BTD late roman armoured swordsmen and spear)
2x FL Comitantes 38 (foundry infantry with javins)
4x T supporting Sagitarii 40 (foundry archers)

301 points

1x fair commander (2) 20
Poor command structure 0
6x CP visigoth nobles 126 (musketeer goths pictured)
4x FP large warbands 42 (musketeer and GB saxons want to expand with goths)
4x SK skirmishers with javlins 48
3x rerolls

301 points

Todays TIP:

Some horses have "stronger legs" than others. By this I mean how solidly they are joined to their bases. All four feet on the ground usually makes them stronger of course. Put these horses on the edges so that they dont start to wobble when handling/lifting the base.


Legion Games said...

A fantastic unit in a superb looking army you have here.



peter said...

Awesome cavalry unit, extremely well painted!


DeanM said...

Aw man, those are fantastic! Truly impressive. Regards, Dean

BigRedBat said...

Very tasty! Beautiful painting.

I have been admiring those horses on the Muskateer blog, he did a great job on those.

pp said...

good job all round splendid looking cavalry unit and army. Indians blew me away last year and now this.


Mr. Bigglesworth said...

You continue to raise the bar for the rest of us.

Caliban said...

Gorgeous as always - they would do for Belisarius' pet unit among other things. Incidentally, I'm still up for a fight between your fast growing Later Roman types and my Sasanians, if you want. I'd like to try Imeptus properly one evening at t'club. Maybe chat about about it tomorrow if you make it. Might make a quick game!


Scullmeister said...

Fantastic looking unit! I like these miniatures also and you're doing your bit to temp me!



blucher said...

thenks guys,


I was going to email you about that!

Not in the club tomorrow but Ill have a 400point army ready for 2 weeks time?

let me know

Caliban said...

Maybe not quite so soon - I have parents' evenings coming up on Tuesdays. Between that and the kids' social lives, there's not much time left!


Der Tsstler said...

superb miniatures and painting !!


Bedford said...

Now that unit reallt does look absolutely beautifull!!


Kirsten said...


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