Monday, 7 March 2011

nearly there

Without realising it I am now pretty close to a 400 point impetus army. Only 20 cavalry to go after this. Still, I fully plan to build out the Goths so that I can have two 300 point armies for quick games.

Following on - I will at least expand the Romans some more as Bills forthcoming range is sure to suck me back in.

… so here is the roman infantry battle line. These will each have a supporting archer unit to the rear, thus forming an impetus “large unit”


Make a wet palette if you like to mix your paints. It keeps them nice and wet/thinned for a couple of days. Here is mine below.


Paul´s Bods said...

That looks good...I like to see roman shields all lined up like that.
Great painting and basing

Ubique said...

Great looking figures, set off nicely by the basing.


BigRedBat said...

A fine sight! I vaguelly recognise the shield, what regiment?

Der Tsstler said...

I suspect the Legio Secundae Britannica (a gallic one)